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A new normal

So I’ve been back on my rock for 3 days, and today is the 1st December and my first day back at work for nearly 3 months, so seemed a good day for a blog post. How am I? Well, where do I start… Actually I’m feeling ok so far. I’ve only had tears twice… Read More A new normal

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How to forget

Sometimes I just want to forget about the world. Forget all the shit, the heartbreak, the loss. Pretend none of it has happened, and it isn’t happening. You might say it’s running away – it’s not. It’s a short rest for the mental muscle I’m using, what feels like a lot, if not all, of the… Read More How to forget


The first day at school

Sooooo it’s the first day of school. I’m beginning a four week Spanish course in Panama. And I’m nervous. It’s been a long time since I have studied myself – but I am trying to remember that I’ve spent the last 9 years teaching others and helping them to learn and study effectively so I… Read More The first day at school