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A new normal

So I’ve been back on my rock for 3 days, and today is the 1st December and my first day back at work for nearly 3 months, so seemed a good day for a blog post.

How am I? Well, where do I start…

Actually I’m feeling ok so far. I’ve only had tears twice since I’ve been back which I actually think is pretty good! Things are just a bit, different. The same but different. Some things are a bit different, some things are a lot different. Which is to be expected really.

Most things have got better since I left, so roads and services and some businesses functioning nearly as normal. My beloved sushi restaurant is open and serving sushi and wine. Yum.

Other things have got worse – my house for example has walls that are now more black than white in lots of places as the water has taken its toll and the mould has set in. And it still no roof.

But the island is as beautiful as ever. The hills are getting greener and the water is as blue. And I feel so much better being home.

I had been very nervous of coming home – I didn’t know how things were going to be or how I was going to cope. To be honest, I still don’t know how I’m going to cope (don’t worry, you’ll be getting updates on post hurricane life – PHL – from me over the next month) but you just kind of need to get on with it as so many of my inspiring friends and colleagues have already. I have no doubt that it will be challenging, and there will be tears and tantrums. But there is also the potential for so much growth and I feel I will be able to make a difference, small at first for sure but step by step things will change.

The phrase I’ve heard so much already from many different people is talk of “the new normal”. To me it shows that human nature is to adapt to what is thrown at them and to try to get on with things, to get back to ‘normal’ and whatever that may look like.

So what about Project 35? What am I going to be doing for December? I am going to be working on my patience and positivity, and I’m going to be journaling using some amazing tools my friends bought for me before I came back. Mental health is very important, and given the stresses and trauma of the last few months, my focus for this month is to stay sane, and try to spread some kindness and smiles whilst I’m doing it!

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