About Me



Welcome to the page all about me. Because, you know, it’s not like the site as a whole is about me! Oh, no, wait….

Anyway, I’m a soon to be 35 year old, who wants to change her life.

I have decided I want to be the best me possible – but without quick fixes or short term solutions. It’s about becoming #mybestme. So I’m giving myself the chance to do it properly – like an actual project, with a realistic timeline, and so Project 35 was born. The aim of this site is to help me to record the journey with all of the whats, the hows and the whys.


Other interesting stuff: A passionate teacher who is based in the Caribbean, I love sunshine, the sea, smiles and cocktails. (Yes I like Pina Coladas… but not so much getting caught in the rain)

#islandlife does bring its own challenges to life, despite the obvious upsides, so I’ll be sharing them all with you each step of the way.


And yes that is my eye in the header thing, in case you were wondering.


Photocredit for the sunglasses on sand is Ethan Robertson on Unsplash