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As discussed in my last post, I needed more clarity on my goals. My goals were quite arbitrary – I wanted to be fit, but what does being fit mean? To help me define what I wanted to achieve in my project I’ve thought about what I want to be, and thought about what that means in terms of actions and habits. I was also using Pinterest to help inspire me with healthy happy habits.


1. I want to be fit.
A fit person can…
Do 20 press ups on their toes on one go
Do 30 burpees in a row
Deadlift over 100kgs
Squat over 100kgs
Run 5km in less than 30 minutes
Do the splits

2. I want to be healthier.
A healthy person…
Keeps a food diary
Does meal prep
Avoids sugar
Drinks in moderation
Weighs less than 175lbs

3. I want to be mindful.
A mindful person…
Practices yoga regularly

4. I want to be creative.
A creative person
Takes photos regularly
Has written a novel

5. I want to be bilingual.
A bilingual person…
Can converse in [language]
Can read a newspaper article in [language]
Just need to choose between French and Spanish… Or do I???

6. I want to dance with somebody.
One of my favourite songs. Ever. I love dancing cuban salsa too.

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