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Going wrong, then moving on

So we already know that sometimes things don’t go to plan. And so I was working on less of a ‘plan’ so that I wouldn’t go ‘off plan’ and then feel bad and eat my feelings and… well you know the rest.

However when something big doesn’t go to plan, like a category 5 hurricane meaning no job and no house, it’s a bit tougher to stay “on track” – no matter how detailed or undetailed that track is. The last 7 weeks have not been ideal, and I’ve completely gone the wrong way on a number of occasions – predominantly by eating too much of the wrong stuff (hello emotional eating, once again) – BUT…

Every cloud has a silver lining so they say. So in amongst the madness and melancholy of the last weeks I’ve been searching for my silver lining. And I think I’ve found it.

I have essentially been given a mini (unpaid!) sabbatical from work – which is something lots of people wish for. I have the means to support myself so I haven’t had to get another job or be super super frugal (don’t get me wrong, I am still having to be careful), and I want to use the time productively.

I’m also about to go into quarter 2 of my project 35 – which also happens to be a great chance for a new start (#everythingstartsonamonday mentality)

I don’t need to worry about things not quite going to plan so far and there might not have been the #body focus and changes I might have hoped for / expected. But that doesn’t mean it’s over. THAT IS NOT GAME OVER!

“The greatest adventure is what lies ahead”

Remember there wasn’t a plan set in stone at the beginning for a reason and I’ve been working hard on my mindset to not let going ‘off-track’ affect me as much as it did – and I think I’ve been successful with that and I have also been learning about myself and becoming a better person #yayme

And so I move on.  The theme for Quarter 2 (#Q2) is “MIND”. Mind is about learning and being creative – using and improving my brain.


I have always wanted to learn another language properly – so that is what I’m going to do. Starting Saturday I am going to spend 4 weeks in a country I have never been to (Panama) and become a student again (hello stationery fetish) learning Spanish. Eeeeeeek.

Flights booked. Accommodation booked. Course booked! No getting out of it now. So, perhaps unsurprisingly that is my monthly focus – to learn spanish.

Go big or go home, and I can’t go home just yet so why the hell not!!



MIND is the new bit – and learning spanish is November’s biggest focus, but BODY is not to be forgotten!!

Activity will incorporate dancing (yay to going to a latin country) and I’ll be doing hiit each week too.

Nutrition will still be super important (I know I can’t out train a bad diet) – I will keep a food diary (there will also be many pics on Instagram (@madgann) and focus on fresh, unprocessed foods and minimal processed carbs.

BONUS – I also have a #5dayfocus which started today before I head off to Panama which will help me physically and psychologically get back into the correct mindset and position. There will likely be a running commentary of that on Instagram too.


Photo credit – me! Taken in Asheville, NC, USA

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