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Kickstart review and Puerto Rico

So my Kickstart week is completed – and it was good. To celebrate I then went to Puerto Rico for the weekend. Well, not really, the timing just coincided, but it was a fabulous! Having got through the first #focusweek I thought I should do a review – what went well, what didn’t, what did I learn, what are the next steps… so here goes!


Review of the #kickstart

What was it again? Well, the aim of the Kickstart week was to help me to focus on the key areas of nutrition and activity for a short, but intense period. The start of Project 35 was rather ‘loose’ as it involved my actual birthday, visitors and lots of food and drink. During the kickstart or focus week, I set out to do a workout everyday, drink lots of water and to eat in line with whole30 principles for the period. Did I do exactly as planned? No. Do I feel I was successful? Yes.

I didn’t do a workout everyday – I had 2 rest days in 8 days which was actually more sensible (I’m still rather unfit and don’t want to ruin myself at the start). I also allowed myself some dairy (which isn’t whole30) as part of my food and there was some rice involved as part of some sushi. But I wrote down everything I ate which made me more aware of what I was eating and when. Historically I’ve been an emotional eater (which I’ll talk about at a later date) so that awareness was a positive thing.

I did drink lots of water – and feel so much better for it. I think my skin is happier too. Such a simple change!


Review of Puerto Rico

I went with a good girlfriend who a) has been there before and b) is super awesomely fit so was happy to go along with my plan of moderation (which included no alcohol at all whilst there). After the short flight from our rock over to PR, we arrived at our fabulous hotel (Condado Vanderbilt – would recommend it) and were greeted with an offer of a glass of champagne.

Now, even when not drinking, I have a rule that always applies – If I’m offered free champagne (not prosecco, not sparkling wine, actual champagne) then it would be very rude to say no so I’m allowed to say yes. So we did. And it was lovely. I didn’t feel guilty – it was a conscious decision and we enjoyed it.

It was at this point we determined our second rule – other than free champagne, we would only drink when eating. So we had a plan. And on the whole it worked!

We both learnt that we were capable of moderation – sharing one bottle of wine between the two of us and making it last the whole of dinner! (It wasn’t a fluke, we managed this more than once, and the third time actually left some wine in the bottle and said we’d had enough).

We did a spin class in the hotel gym on Saturday morning, I did a little bit of Salsa dancing in the club on Saturday night (which was also super hot, think bikram dancing, so definitely worked up a sweat even though I only had 2 dances). We walked when we could and took things slowly.

Overall, did I treat myself whilst I was there? Yes! Was it always with food? No! #winning

Cue awesome new nails (had a gel manicure in a super hot neon pink – lush!)

Takeaways / next steps

You don’t have to be 100% all of the time – and actually in the long run I think that it can be detrimental! By building flexibility into my plan I could stay on plan whilst being off plan, if you know what I mean…? I made good decisions most of the time and when I had something that would be seen as being ‘off plan’ I savored and enjoyed it. And I’m proud of myself.

I am continuing with my regular hiit sessions – wiming for 4 each week for this week and next (the rest of August), continuing to drink my water target and the only alcohol with food / free champagne. Definitely some good rules to live by 🙂



Photo credit: Natalya on Unsplash

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