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Month 1 Review / Month 2 Planning

Wow. So I’ve got to the end of the first month already. It’s funny how time seems so looooong but then passes so quickly. I want to check in, see what progress I’ve made and what I’m doing next! (I know I’m meant to know what I’m doing next, but remember my plan was to go with the flow a bit more, so I’m doing that. And that I kinda didn’t realise it was actually the end of the month today. Oops.) I promise I’ll know the plan by the time I get to the end.

#Longpostwarning. If you can’t be bothered to read it all, skip to the end bit here

Anyways – first things first –

The Month 1 Review (#M1R).

Headline stats (sounds impressive huh?!)

  • Current date: 31 August 2017
  • Days completed to date: 31 (including today)
  • Time to 35th birthday: 11 months (I can’t be bothered to work out exact days right now)
  • Quarter theme: Body
  • Month theme: Getting started

What were my big wins?

Cooking – I tried out some new recipes and they were generally lush. Highlights? Sweet potato hash waffles, sweet potato smooth waffles and the Asian peanut chicken zoodles.

Moderation – I am very proud of the times I have exercised moderation – both in terms of food and alcohol.

What was the biggest lesson(s) I learnt?

Planning doesn’t guarantee success, but failing to plan means failing is more likely.

My default is to talk about good / bad food, and there is often the idea of ‘treating’ yourself with food – but I don’t think that is the best approach. I need to work on my phrasing internally and externally.

What would I like to improve going forward?

My consistency. I can be a bit all of nothing (discussed in my last post here) but I’ve been working on it – but there is definitely still room for improvement

Are there any actions from this month I want to continue with?

Yes – see month 2 plan!


So Month 2 Plan (#M2P)

Originally I had planned that September would have a nutrition focus and to do the strict Whole30 for the month. However, right now I feel it should be an activity focus. I’m actually pretty happy with my nutrition and what I’ve achieved this month (see above for moderation and cooking comments), I got better balance in my food choices and gained perspective in how I view food and things I need to be aware of / change (aka my emotional eating) – and those are by all means things I need to continue to work on, but not the main focus of my month, for now. I just hope for less, how do I put this, ‘off track’ days.

*HOLD UP* OK, so having written that line, I went and looked at my food diary (yes, I’ve kept a food diary for the last 3 weeks, from the start of my focus week – #winning) to look for examples. And you know what, it wasn’t too bad. OK, that’s very British and a bit negative, it was OK, maybe even good! Now don’t get me wrong, it is by no means perfect, or even ‘very good’ – but remember it’s all relative. It would be a solid pass, but no prizes just yet.

Without starving myself / feeling deprived, and on occasion in the month as a whole really enjoying myself, I have lost 8lbs. #yay

This is not a huge amount given my starting point, and one of my internal mini D’s is shouting at me “but you’re a big girl! That is not enough! You should be losing more than that, particularly at the start!!!” but luckily the another, project35 mini D slaps her round the face and tells her to “shut the f…ront door” on her way out.

I am aiming for long term changes. Sustainable improvements to my life that help me #levelup incrementally but consistently. I can do what I did this month again. And there is still room for improvement if I want to take things up a level. 8lbs a month could mean 40lbs by New Year. So yes, going to stick with what I’ve been doing.

Now, this means the focus is Activity. What am I going to do?

Well, lots of things actually. #varietyisthespiceoflife as they say

  • Remember how I said I want to be a mermaid? For that I want to swim twice a week for the whole of September.
  • I like spin classes, so I’m going to commit to 2 during the month (these are trickier as they are at specific times so depends on my work schedule getting to them)
  • I will continue with my Hiit training (which can be done at any time) and have a #hotdate with the body coach once a week (literally hot – I sweat a lot during those sessions)
  • I will do at least one other activity each week – gym/pool/hiit depending on my schedule (continuing to allow flexibility in the schedule!)
  • AND I’m going to try one new thing which is going to be… Aerial Yoga! (I tried an aerial dance class this month – super fun but HARD – this is apparently a better way to get into it!). I’ve booked into a class so will let you know how that goes.

I will continue with the self-care and do at least one thing for me (i.e. massage or similar) during the month. I will also commit to reading for pleasure at least one day a week for half an hour.

Challenges this month?

My teaching schedule kicks off so I’m working 4 evenings a week and most Saturdays so I will HAVE to be organized with my food to stop me grabbing (the easily available) processed stuff.

I have a girlie weekend away (Puerto Rico again – have fallen in love with that place) so I’ll be starting the month with that – but that’s ok. I will do what I did last time and enjoy it with some moderation where appropriate. And I’m taking my gym kit.

But otherwise, nothing else in the diary that should be a problem.

SO…. WTF is the plan after all that chat? (If you skipped to the end, here’s your summary)

ACTIVITY is my focus – trying different activities to mix it up with at least 4 ‘sessions’ a week

Nutrition will continue mainly as is – I will keep a food diary (and bore people with pics of my #pimpedbreakfast on Instagram (@madgann) and try at least 1 new recipe a week

Self-care will continue as is – at least one massage type thing in the month and the new thing is reading for pleasure for at least half an hour a week

Wanna join me on any of the above? Hit me up! – company is always welcome!

What are you doing for September? Comment and let me know if you like 🙂



Wondering what is going on with all the hashtags? I’m loving #instagram (having been a bit late to the party) and am a bit overexcited by it all #sorrynotsorry

Photo Credit – Pineapple Supply Company on Unsplash – Thanks guys!

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  1. 8lbs is awesome! And sustainable! Well done! Loving the blog, the sweet potato creations look amazing, are they easy to make? Keep up the good work xx

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