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My Project 35 – The Plan

Hey! Long time no see!! Sorry, have been busy getting organised – this is what we have been waiting for… (OK, so I use the term ‘we’ loosely, I mainly mean me, but you know, I have to hope someone is reading this)

And to be honest, it may not be what we/you were expecting / hoping for. Being honest it is not quite what I thought it would be.


Project 35

Objective: to move towards “the best me” by the time I am 35

What: 12 months of focussing on the different areas that make up my best me. This is more than just losing weight or getting fitter. So much more! I want to do more things (e.g. taking photos) and know more things (another language) and be more aware of myself (mental health type stuff).

How: Now this is where it’s not what I thought…

You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step” (paraphrased Martin Luther King I think)

You see, I’ve been trying to get the whole plan in place, with all of the details (you know, #perfectionist) – and basically it’s too much. I have lots of ideas and things I want to do, and some roughly when (e.g. November is international write a novel month so it makes sense to do a writing challenge then!) – but I don’t really know how much to do, or the best order… so I’m not going to worry about it.

I have some general principles:

  1. Use challenges to give myself focus and motivation with at least one per month
  2. Add in additional focus weeks as required to jump start / emphasise / just try certain things
  3. Ensure I have accountability (hello world!)

And some rules for the challenges, for example: In order to ‘complete’ a month I must achieve 28 days of whatever the challenge is – allows for a few off days / real life / February

But I don’t need a perfect plan for the whole year. At least right now. Nor do I need to have to document said plan (that I don’t have) on a fancy infographic type thing before I can start (I’m very good at procrastinating – have I mentioned that already?)

So I’m going to go quarter by quarter. I got the idea for this break down through some of the goal planning research I’ve done so far. There was a free printable goal planner from Classy Career Girl that looked at your Year, then your Quarter, then your month… and it seemed a good way to go. And it was very pretty! (You can register and get yours here if you want to). Most importantly this means I can adapt as I go – both to how I get on but also, you know, life.

I have a lovely planner (love old school paper in so many ways and for so many reasons) and I have a list of stuff I want to do in it. I know my big goal, I know some little goals (thank you pinterest once again) and the goal planner will help me with the stuff in the middle.

Overall I want a balanced best me, so I have three main themes for the year – Mind, Body and Soul (yes very cheesy I know, but cheesy because it works I guess!!)

Body feels like the most important to me right now, the catalyst for change etc, so that is what quarter one will focus on.

Each subsequent quarter will have a different focus (I’m thinking Mind for Q2 and then Soul for Q3) – with the “trilogy” coming into play for Q4.


So that’s the plan! Eek!!

Each quarter, and each month I’ll do a planning post on what exactly is happening, as well as progress updates more regularly than that. I’ll be posting Quarter 1 and August 2017 very soon 🙂


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