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The first rule of Las Vegas…

We all know the first rule of Vegas – what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! I went to Vegas… but that’s all I can say! haha, only joking. I am going to break the rules, just for you, and tell you about what happened in Vegas… Las Vegas was…

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Recognising guilt

The below is a post I made on facebook a little while ago. I wanted to include it here as it is an important part of my journey and I think these feelings are going to affect how I progress over the next weeks and months. Today I’m sad. I’m safe and loved but I’m… Read More Recognising guilt

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September’s story

Ok. So I can safely say that September hasn’t quite gone to plan. I’m 3 weeks in, and in that time some little hurricane called Irma decided to show up and destroy my beautiful home and island. And I mean completely decimate destroy. Not nice. And so it’s been staying alive, keeping friends alive, abandoning… Read More September’s story

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Changing my mind(set)

I’ve always been a bit of an all or nothing kinda girl. This can be great to get started on something – I throw myself wholeheartedly into it, but then I run into problems when I don’t do all of it ‘just right’ or something unexpected comes up and I go ‘off plan’. Luckily I’ve… Read More Changing my mind(set)