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How do you pick your own path?

I am a little bit of a perfectionist, and so don’t like doing some things unless I know I’ll do them right. But the hard bit about a journey like this is that there isn’t necessarily a right answer… so I need to kind of get over myself.

Generally, when you need to know how to do something which you don’t yet know how to do – you google it! Which is great for opening wine without a corkscrew or changing a tyre or tying a tie.  But not for changing your life. Why?

Because we are all different.

Looking at what other people have done is great for inspiration and ideas, but because it has worked for them does not guarantee it will work for you. What they are working to, their goal(s), may or may not be the same / similar to you. Your starting point, your life style, your budget may all be very different. Although annoying, in some ways (not ready/known/proven/right), I think working this out for myself is going to be better in the long run. “Give a (wo)man a fish and feed them for a day, teach a (wo)man to fish and you feed them for life

So I’ve been spending time trying to work out what I need to do for my project. To find my own method, my own path. And it’s harder than I thought. Ultimately I need to just give it a go and not expect everything to be perfect from the beginning!

I need to give myself permission to not be perfect and to not have to get everything right from the beginning.



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