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Quarter 1 Month 1: The Plan for August 2017

Such a catchy title! haha

Quarter One Theme – Body

Month One – August

This quarters theme of “Body” covers Nutrition, Activity and Self-care, so each of these is included as an objective this month (caveat – to varying degrees each month)

Challenges this month – My birthday, festival, visitors and a long weekend away. I have written down plans / contingencies, but won’t share them here.

My August Actions

  1. Keep a food diary everyday
  2. Do a mini fitness routine everyday
  3. Drink at least 2.5 litres of water everyday (other fluids, unless coconut water, don’t count and coconut water is limited to two per day*)
  4. Focus on Whole30 principles when eating
  5. Have one massage/treatment/spa thing this month

My August focus: Thursday 10th – Thursday 17th (inclusive!)

  • 100% Whole30
  • HIIT workout everyday

Now I just need to do myself a tracker (I love paper and planners and bullet journals so it will be old school) and I’m good to go. #bringit

*please don’t get worried – I rarely have 2 per day, and I don’t drink it everyday, when I do it’s a no added sugar one and it’s a just in case – remember I live on a tropical island



In case anyone else is reading this and wants to do something similar (and to be honest for my own reference and accountability) this is how I came up with the plan

  1. What did I want to concentrate on? This came from my quarterly theme as the first month. Going forward I imagine this will be a combination of quarterly theme and performance in prior months.
  2. What were the challenges I felt I was going to face? I feel it is important to try to identify the challenges I might face during the month that may interrupt my plan.
  3. What would I do to overcome the challenges? Having a plan – which might just be ‘go with it’ will allow me to stay in control
  4. Determine my August actions – these are the specific activities I will do daily (NB rule of 28 for a month)
  5. Determine my August focus – (approximately) one week where I am doing something ‘all out’ to really focus / kickstart something


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