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How to not be a broken record – making progress

Take a deep breath. Now, repeat after me:
“I do not need to be perfect. I do not need to be perfect. I do not need to be perfect”

Today is day 10 of Project 35. I have not met the goals I had set myself for the first 9 days. BUT, this does not mean that I have achieved nothing. It does not mean I’m a failure.
I. Do. Not. Need. To. Be. Perfect.

I am a perfectionist and a planner. I know that. Previously that would mean I would spend all of my time planning, and not much doing. And then when I didn’t do things exactly as planned and do it all, I would give in and get in a hump and more often than not just eat a whole bowl of pasta / bar of chocolate / maybe both together if the plan had gone spectacularly wrong. And I ended up being something of a broken record… Not ideal for progression when you’re trying to get healthy.

I knew there were going to be some challenges in my first 9 days – my actual birthday, visitors, festival (all of which involved eating and drinking all the things). I had a plan to mitigate some of these problems, and I didn’t follow it. Well, not completely. But that is ok. What is it they say? “Strive for progress not perfection”.

Some of the days I made better choices with my food
Some of the days I did my daily activity
Some of the days I drank enough water

And overall, that means I did something. I do not need to scrap it all and feel I have to start again. Again. I don’t have to ‘reset’ every single time something goes off plan. I need to just carry on. Keep on keeping on as me and one of my friends like to say.

Instead I have reflected and tried to take some benefit from the experiences. As a result I have learnt the following things during the first 9 days of project 35;

  • I was, on the whole, right about how much drinking would occur (too much)
  • I need to write things down as they happen (food diary wise) – I don’t remember as much as I think I do
  • Sometimes you have to just go with it (dancing in the rain at festival – but that will be another anecdote for another time)

And now I’m carrying on with the plan and have started my #focus week – to kickstart me in the direction I want to be going in and use some “new thing” excitement to power me.

Day one and I’ve done my hiit workout, prepped my food, eaten said prepped food (and written it down!) and drunk lots of water (none of which was alcohol). #winning

Now I just have to #keeponkeepingon


Photo credit: Me, an old white label vinyl from the days my brother used to DJ

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