Body, Mind, Progress

September’s story

Ok. So I can safely say that September hasn’t quite gone to plan.

I’m 3 weeks in, and in that time some little hurricane called Irma decided to show up and destroy my beautiful home and island.

And I mean completely decimate destroy. Not nice.

And so it’s been staying alive, keeping friends alive, abandoning my home with a single (hand luggage) suitcase of belongings, evacuate the place I called home and pitch up at a friend’s place in a different country to share her bed kinda ‘not to plan’.

So there isn’t much movement in this months body aspect of project 35. However there has been a little flip to the mind / soul section as I’ve had to be mentally strong (some of the time) and have definitely challenged myself outside of my comfort zone. But then again, using a machete counts as exercise right??

I’ve got some taking stock to do, so that I’m ready to tackle October, and life in general! Down but not out. This girl is going to be rising from the ashes stronger than ever.

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