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WTF am I doing?

So, a good place to start seems to be the beginning!

What is project 35?

Well, actually I don’t know yet. It’s something that has been floating around in my head for a month or so, although it hasn’t quite been defined yet. You’ll get to see me do that soon I hope.

What is the aim of project 35 then? The aim is to get me to the best me I can be. My mum died a few weeks ago, and although I knew it was coming, it has hit me hard. You can’t prepare for it no matter how much notice you have. My mum died of cancer, and although in many ways it is the luck of the draw with these horrible diseases, lifestyle is definitely a factor. So I want to turn the odds in my favour whilst I’m young enough to make a difference.

I don’t want any quick fixes or short term solutions – I’ve tried those and they haven’t worked. As a result, I’m giving myself time to make real change – it’s over 12 months until my 35th birthday, and at 35 I want to be the best me possible. I believe that if I can make changes in what I do and how I do it for 35, I can stick with it FOREVER. OK, maybe not quite forever, I’m sure once I’m really old like 80 or something I’ll just do what the hell I want, whether it’s good for me or not, but hopefully you get the idea.

It’s not just about ‘eating healthy’ or ‘more exercise’ – although those will be factors to consider in the best me. I want to take a more rounded approach – I need to define the best me, and include the other things that make me happy / I want to achieve – e.g. taking more photos or learning a language. So I will be defining my goals in another post – I just need to work out exactly what they are first! I’ll share my approach and thoughts in due course.

Thanks for reading lovelies xx


Photo credit: Pineapple Supply Co (@pineapple) on Unsplash

Wondering why a pineapple? I like them, they feel tropical which fits with my current ‘life’ and this one I imagine is feeling a little lost in the world, staring out to sea trying to find themselves… well, you get the idea. Some kind of metaphor thing!

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